Let's start...

After many.. many years of  following fashion bloggers I've decided to do my share in the blogging world. So to start off let me just introduce myself, my name is Maria and I'm a college student at Florida International University. I'm currently a Women's Studies major following the pre-health program in hopes of becoming a Neonatologist. I'm very much involved in my community and I love to help others (is this starting to sound like a college essay or what? ha). My pastimes involve shopping, working out, binge watching tv shows, and trying out new sushi places with my best friend Ivette.
Must resist to not eat sushi everyday 

Ivette (right) and me (left). Yes, we had a frozen theme party for her birthday. We just can't let it go.

I started this blog as a way to share my college journey and a way to see how my style evolves over the years. I will post little bits of everything from health and fitness, to outfits and makeup hauls, and overall college experiences. Thanks for reading! I'll show more pictures for the fun of it:
Isn't the view gorgeous? I love Downtown Miami!

I actually was on the phone and thought this was a good pose. Let's just ignore the pose and instead admire the longevity of the lipstick even after eating chips with salsa!

So much fun you can't even see my face
My big sis!

Great times with great friends

See you guys next time



  1. Hey girly! So glad you've finally written your first post! Can't wait to read the next ones in the adventures of Gal and the City! Love you! <3